Using the advanced artificial intelligence and probabilistic extraction algorithms along with Bayesian networks, the project control tool (OPKA) developed in this study provides the following advantages:

  1. It is able to check the project by considering the uncertainties regarding the percentage of completion of unfinished work packages. For example, if the project manager thinks that an actor is over 40 percent but is not quite sure, this uncertainty can be reflected in all project control accounts.
  2. The project plan and the uncertainties regarding the planned values are reflected in the project. The uncertainty about the effort needs of an activity during the planning phase is also reflected in the project control, allowing for more accurate calculations.
  3. Risk events that can affect the project are analyzed numerically. Time and cost of finishing the project can be estimated, and future risks can be analyzed.
  4. OPKA is based on a Bayesian network, hence it can consistently combine domain knowledge with statistical data. This is an important feature considering data is often limited in project management.

English version of OPKA is coming soon.